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Website update

Updated with new pages and additional content and functionality.

Custom designed Hone Guitars pickups

Very pleased to announce Hone Guitars pick ups! Custom made exclusively for Hone Guitars. All variables were considered and chosen to create a unique and great sounding pick up. Neck pick ups are 10K output using alnico V magnets, 4 conductor wiring. While the bridge pick ups are 15K output with alnico V magnets and 4 conductor wiring.

Hone Guitars custom inlay

The first two runs of custom inlaid fret boards are done. Mother of pearl Hone shields centered on the 12th fret on Rosewood, Pau Ferro, Ebony and Maple.

New Hone Guitars Medallions

Included with each guitar. These medallions are serial numbered to match each guitar and can be recessed into the guitar body, included in the case separately or attached to the first cut off from the wood body blank the guitar was made from as a display piece.

First Hone Guitars Vantage models

The first Vantage model prototype and two signature Vantage Customs in the works.

Hone Guitars model names and features

After much deliberation I have finally chosen model names, features and options.

Hone Guitars custom laminated neck design

Made from vertically aligned grain hard rock maple, purpleheart and walnut. Headstock tilt angle is 10 degrees with volute for strength.

New cutting boards

Just in time to make it to their new homes.  Happy Holidays!

New custom templates

In my journey creating Hone Woodworks, I have been working with a lot of different companies and suppliers. From specialty tool companies to various wood suppliers and even an aerospace company for carbon fiber and everything in between! Building contacts and positive working relationships along the way is something I have been thoroughly enjoying as I ease my way back into the community of guitar builders and enthusiasts. With this in mind I would like to give a special thanks to Steve and Mike at Maximum Guitar Works in Colorado for sharing their time and knowledge providing custom made products with excellence! They have been a tremendous help and its been an absolute pleasure working with them to make all the custom guitar routing templates I need. Their templates and jigs are the best in the industry, bar none!

New Hone Guitars 6-in-line headstock design

This is the first of 3 different designs with a sneak peak of a inlay design that may be offered. The second headstock design will be a softer edged version of the first and the third will be a 3x3 design.

Hot off the branding iron

Wooden branded hang tags for toys, kitchen items and of course guitars.

Hone Woodworks HQ construction is complete

Now begins the task of moving everything in, organizing and set up. Almost ready to go! Special thanks goes out to Mike Oldham and Mark Wood of Evergreen Carpentry for their amazing skill, talent and dedication. This wouldn't have been possible without you both, I cant thank you enough!

Hone Woodworks HQ is starting to take shape

Exterior walls, doors and windows are in and a new roof. Next up is electrical wiring, interior walls and insulation and hvac system.

Hone Woodworks HQ Renovation Work Continues

The concrete floors, steps and garage ramp are in and walls are now going up. Its getting exciting!

Renovations of Hone Woodworks HQ has started

Construction has began to transform our old horse barn into a new climate controlled workshop with office. The barn was constructed as a dirt floor, pole barn and over forty years most of the beams going into the ground have rotted away and will be replaced and set on concrete footers. Then the concrete floor will be poured. Here we see the poles having been dug up and covered from weather and exterior wood panels being removed.

Newly designed Hone Guitars Certificate of Authenticity

This certificate along with other paperwork and documentation will come with every Hone Guitar. Printed on premium parchment paper, 24 lb. 8.5" x 11". 

Hone Guitars acquires ""

In an effort to distinguish Hone Guitars from the rest of the creative works I will be offering while also keeping everything on the same site, I felt it was best to have both domains and can market them individually. 

Hone Woodworks future headquarters

In spring 2022 our old horse barn will be renovated to accommodate our needs for Hone Guitars and Hone Woodworks. The barn, which was originally built in 1982 is roughly 50 ft by 20 ft with a 12 ft ceiling.  This will provide about a 1,000 square feet of workspace.  The picture below is how it appears before renovations. I will post updates as the work progresses.  

New Hone Guitars logo

Special thanks to my friend and great graphic artist, Jon Wheat for creating the new Hone Guitars logo.  The logo is inspired by my family's coat of arms. 

New wood brand is here

I am pleased to announce the arrival of the new wood brand which will be used on all of my small wooden items such as children's toys, vases, bowls, cutting boards and other hand crafted items.

Website redesign is undergoing a complete rebuild.  The new design will better highlight my creative works.